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Caiman Bibs: Pigskin Leather Replacement Bib 3032

July 12, 2012 - Comment

Caiman Bibs Pigskin Leather Replacement Bib 3032

The Caiman 3032 Boarhide Pigskin Leather 18 Inch Replacement Bib is made to be worn with a welding jacket. Protecting yourself from sparks and flames, this replacement bib is the ultimate compliment to any flame-resistant wardrobe. This particular bib is a perfect fit with the Caiman 3031 Kevlar Welding Cape Sleeves.

Caiman is known for its quality flame resistant accessories, and this bib is no different. It is made of tough pigskin leather that is more breathable and comfortable than rawhide, meaning it will keep you cooler in hot conditions! The material also allows for a more flexible fit, so you can bend and maneuver easily all day long.

The Caiman Bibs: Pigskin Leather Replacement Bib 3032 is 18” and is essential to protecting the wider portion of your torso while welding or working with hot materials. Buy this bib to complete your work ensemble and ensure that you are fully protection from flame and heat! Get yours today!





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