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Black Stallion Jackets: F9 30 C Men’s FR 30 Inch Cotton Welding Jacket

July 17, 2012 - Comment

Black Stallion Jackets F9 30 C Men's FR 30 Inch Cotton Welding Jacket

Our Flame Resistant Jackets & Coats are the best you can find anywhere in the world. Protect yourself with these stylish options. All orders over $49.99 are eligible for FREE SHIPPING!

Are you the type who gets that special glint in your eye when you hear your own personal “buzz box” firing up out in the garage? Do your regularly “fashion” your own tool when you get to the part of the repair that requires buying something ridiculously expensive from the dealer that you will use once and then throw in some cubby hole? If so we would like you to first reach for your Black Stallion F9 30 C 9oz 30 welding jacket. Safety first should be your motto, unless you like setting your favorite flannel on fire! Scaring the kiddies is fun, but running around the backyard in flames is a little over the top.

The Black Stallion F9 30 C 9oz cotton welding jacket is an indispensable tool in any welder’s protective gear. You need this jacket to protect you against the stray sparks and bb’s that your apron doesn’t catch. Sure it might be a little warm but not as warm as molten metal, right? This welding jacket is made of FR (Fire Resistant) cotton, which is good for up to 50 home machine washings. The front closure is secured by reinforced snaps, and the sleeves have adjustable cuffs. This jacket has an inside pocket for things you want to keep close at hand.

Remember, liquid metal burns! So for your safety and so your kids don’t have to dump the wading pool on you, keep yourself protected with the Black Stallion F9 30 C 9oz 30 welding jacket. Order yours today and make sure you pick up a pair of our Black Stallion welding sleeves and a Black Stallion welding so you will be fully protected.




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