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Bulwark Nomex Navy Flame-Resistant Quilted Jacket Liner LNL2

December 22, 2012 - Comment

Have you managed to get burnt by sparks or loose flame more times than you would like to admit at work? Then get some quality fire resistant clothing now before anything serious happens. The Bulwark LNL2 Flame-Resistant Jacket Liner is a HRC Level 4 compliant product that will put you well on your way to a safer work wardrobe.


The jacket’s 4.5oz Nomex fabric is completely flame-resistant and is perfect for everyday usage in welding environments. Flame-resistance also graces the liner’s quilted interior because 10oz quilted Nomex is used. The liner meets NFPA, ASTM, and OSHA standards for work floor safety. It’s cozy and comfortable as well.

The liner is built to be used in combination with a flame-resistant jacket and pants. It has four concealed snaps that allow you to attach it to them without fuss. The rib knit cuffs are reinforced with Nomex so that neither loose flames nor frigid cold can creep inside. There is even an inside pocket on the left chest side.

The liner readily snaps into JNJ8 and JLJ8 Bulwark Jackets. You can purchase the JLJ8 Jacket on our website so you can pick the two of them up at the same time. The Bulwark LNL2 Nomex Flame-Resistant Jacket Liner is an easy fix to the serious problem of workplace protection.



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