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Carhartt Jackets: Flame-Resistant Brown Bomber Jacket FRJ020 BRN

December 18, 2012 - Comment

Cold weather without proper protection is uncomfortable. Loose flames or electric sparks without proper protection is just plain old dangerous. Combine the two and you have a situation that is perfect for the Carhartt FRJ020 BRN Flame-Resistant Bomber Jacket. It’s the perfect jacket for those work days when nothing seems to be going in your favor.

Designed to self-extinguish within 2 seconds of removal from the source of ignition, this jacket’s 8.5oz flame-resistant canvas construction and brass zipper covered with flame-resistant Nomex tape makes it one of the best jacket as far as flame resistant clothing goes. Nomex protection is also featured on its rib-knit cuffs and waistband. Inside and outside protective flaps on the zipper of the jacket keep heat, sparks, and flames out of the jacket and off of your body.

All of the jacket’s flame-resistant features combine so that it meets NFPA 70E compliance for flame protection. You can work in peace – even in hazardous situations – without worrying about being burnt.

The jacket’s brown bomber style gives it a classic American look but with a lot of hidden features. Two lower-front pockets and two inside patch pockets give you plenty of space to store your tools. They feature flame-resistant hook-and-loop closures to boot.

If you need to stay safe and warm on the job, choose the Carhartt FRJ020 BRN Flame-Resistant Bomber Jacket. But be warned: you’ll probably end up wearing it not only at work but at home, out on town, and maybe even in your sleep as well – it’s that comfy.



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