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Carhartt Vests: Men’s Brown FR Cotton Duck Vest FRV036 BRN

December 12, 2012 - Comment


Work vests can be flame-resistant too and the Carhartt FRV036 BRN Men’s Brown Flame-Resistant Duck Vest is one of the best of the best when it comes to them. It is NFPA approved for HRC Level 4, or, in other words, it is approved for the highest level of protection for working around machinery that can cause arc flashes. It’s the perfect fire resistant clothing for the hardworking man.

Yet more flame-resistant protection is tucked away inside the vest’s 100% Mount Vernon Mills cotton. For instance, its quilted inner lining is resistant to flames, sparks, and heat. The knit collar is Nomex as is the zipper tape that protects the vest’s brass front zipper. The zipper area is further protected from electric arc flashes with inner and outer protective flaps and covered snaps.

Even though this vest is HRC Level 4 approved, that doesn’t mean that you should use it alone. When you’re working around arc flashes it is best to completely cover your body with flame resistant clothing – that means your legs and arms too. You might even need to wear multiple layers around some machinery according to NFPA.

The Carhartt FRV036BRN Men’s Brown Flame-Resistant Duck Vest is a heck of a vest. And with such outstanding protection at such a reasonable price, it is well worth it to invest in.



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