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Viking Jackets: 6050FRJ Men’s Orange Fire-Resistant Polyurethane Hi Vis Jacket

December 19, 2012 - Comment

The Viking Orange Fire-Resistant Polyurethane High-Visibility Jacket 6050FRJ is perfect if you spend your days working around sparks, fire, and open flames. While it won’t exactly make you look like a Viking (it is orange, after all), it will definitely make you feel as tough as one!

The jacket is bright orange with yellow 2-inch Reflexite prism reflective tape so that your coworkers can see you from far away and in low-visibility conditions. In fact, it is compliant with CSA Z96-09 Class 1 standards – that’s tech lingo for saying that it is seriously visible. Sunlight, flashlights, and headlights all reflect off of the white prism tape.

As far as specs go, the jacket is Level FR CSGB – 155.1-2001 Flame-Resistant so you know that you’re going to be safe when conditions heat up. It is made of a polyurethane and polyester blend that is stretchable and fire-resistant.

It is resistant to motor oil, diesel, chemicals, animal fat, and fish oil so that your clothing underneath will stay dry and clean. It is also extremely lightweight and flexible for being loaded up with so many safety features and performs just as well in sub-zero temperatures as it does in ones where fire resistant clothing is a must.
Adjustable wrist cuffs and an attached hood (that stuffs tightly into the collar) keep the dirt and cold out. An outer storm flap helps with insulation by blocking the zipper and resisting even the strongest wind.

If you were a Viking warrior, a proper burial consisted of your body being put into a war ship, set afire, and pushed out to sea. Don’t let that happen to you quite yet but still remain as tough as a Viking with the Viking Orange Fire-Resistant Polyurethane Hi-Vis Jacket 6050FRJ. Click to order today and ensure that you’re dressed as tough as a Viking warrior whether you’re at work, at home, or on a stool at the mead hall this Friday night.



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