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Bulwark Jeans: Men’s Loose Fit Flame-Reistant Cotton Denim Jeans PEJ6 SW

November 10, 2012 - Comment

Sometimes it just feels like your clothes are working against you. They’re not comfortable, they bunch and ride in all the wrong spots, and they keep you from moving the way that you need to on the job. Problems like these are nonexistent with the Bulwark PEJ6 SW Loose Fit FR Stonewash Blue Jeans. They’re a pair of jeans that is loose-fitting and comfortable. They’re a pair of jeans that fits the way that all pants should.

The jean’s 14.75 ounce, flame-resistant, 100% cotton denim construction is one of their biggest pluses. Their flame-resistance, especially, is strongly benefited from the Excel FR fabric that they are made of. The fabric prevents the jeans from burning or melting and works to protect you in high-heat environments. The natural cotton fabric is soft and breathable while remaining tough and tear-resistant. It will take much more than a hard day’s work to tear up this tough denim.

The jeans are designed to have a relaxed fit and sit slightly below the natural waist. They are very comfortable with a loose seat and thigh, wide leg openings, and a jean-style back yoke. They allow you to move naturally even in the most unnatural situations.

The little details are what set these jeans apart. For example, their one-piece waistband is specifically designed so that the metal button closure will not touch and irritate your skin. Felled and folded seams made with two-needle contrast stitching are another little feature that makes a big difference. Finally, the jean’s five pocket design gives you ample space for storing all of your work gear.

Bulwark PEJ6 SW Loose Fit FR Stonewash Blue Jeans are changing the name of the game in the fire retardant clothing industry. They are ATPV 20.7 calories/com and ARC approved, so you know that they resist heat and flame that might otherwise make the fabric melt and burn. If you work in a dangerous environment, then you owe it to yourself to pick up a pair of these jeans. They’ll work for you – not against you.


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