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Workrite Jeans: Men’s 498ID14 Flame-Resistant Carpenter Jeans

November 20, 2012 - Comment

To be completely honest, there is not a lot to say about jeans in general. Every now and then a company will add a new pocket or slightly switch up their styling but not much else happens with them. For example, a few years ago the “button fly” was a big thing. Though the Workrite 498ID12 Men’s Flame-Resistant Carpenter Jeans might look the same as any other old pair, they’re in a league completely of their own as far as work pants are concerned.

Breathable and soft, the 14 ounce Indura denim, a key component in the jean’s construction, is also strong and durable. The jeans are classically-styled and include a heavy-duty brass zipper, a fully finished waistband, and triple-stitching.

The relaxed fit of the jeans provides you with plenty of space for moving around while on the job. Though there is room to maneuver, the construction of the jeans does nothing to sacrifice safety. The jeans are HRC category 2 and have an ARC rating of 18.3. This means that the jeans are great for low-risk hazards including fire protection. Dual tool pockets, a hammer loop, a coin pocket, and hip pockets give you all the room that you’ll need for your work tools.

If you require flame resistant clothing on a daily basis, then nothing will be a better bottom half than the Workrite 498ID14 Flame-Resistant Carpenter Jeans. They have the same classic look as your casual jeans but they are built for working hard.


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