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Bulwark Overalls: Flame-Resistant Insulated Duck Overalls BLN4 BD

November 5, 2012 - Comment


Bulwark is a market innovator in the world of security created flame resistant clothing used during highly dangerous job duties. The Bulwark Overalls: Flame-Resistant Insulated Duck Overalls BLN4 BD will provide reliability throughout challenging situations.

These overalls have superior quality since they are manufactured from the absolute best heat and water proof components.  Some of the components used in making these include a heat resistant nylon/cotton blend and Modacrylic. The inside is coated with two-layer quilted 12-ounce Modacrylic for increased comfort and safeguarding.  Some of the style options include the zipper flies, disguised enclosures, and multiple pockets, and instrument rings provided for hanging you essential tools.  There are also flexible joint bands to aid in the proper fit of the item.

It doesn’t matter if you work with stubborn materials, electric tools or in the compound petrol market sectors; they are guaranteed to protect you from heat for the life of them.


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