Tips on How to Take Care of Fire Resistant Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)

Flame resistant clothing is worn by people who work in a very close contact with hazards such as fire, combustible dust, molten metal, and electric arc. Arc or flash fire can cause serious injuries. Thus, f r clothing should be strong enough to protect you against flame, arc-flash, and other potentially dangerous situations of everyday work schedules, yet comfy enough to let you concentrate on the work at hand so that you can finish your job and return home safely. Flame resistant clothing could be either native flame resistant or treated. Taking a proper care for these PPEs will ensure that their flame resistant properties will last much longer. Learn tips on how to take care of your fire resistant PPE:

*Follow the right laundering procedures. Some laundering procedures can damage your Flame Retardant Clothing. It is not advisable to use hard water and high temperature in laundering cotton fire resistant fabric, as this can cause minerals to build up on them, hence making them flammable. The harder the water, the more minerals are built up, and the more flammable  your flame resistant clothing will become! To keep your f r clothing flame resistant, use soft water for laundry.

*The Fire Resistant Clothing drying temperatures should not exceed 280 degree Fahrenheit. Fabrics can shrink up to five percent Guy weildingduring drying. No one wants to get rid of his or her Flame Retardant Clothing simply because it all of a sudden became small.

*Do not use dryer sheets

* You can use any of the commercial stain removing products as long as they do not contain bleach

* Turning garments inside out before washing can improve their lifespan

*Be sure not to use detergents containing chlorine or peroxide bleach and enzymes for washing flame resistant clothes. You may use all detergents sold for house use, provided that the fabrics are rinsed properly-these detergents will not harm your FR clothes.

*Avoid using fabric softener  as this will break down the flame resistant quality of the clothing, an alternative is vinegar this will also remove smells

* Do not use any detergents containing bleach or animal fats

*Not all Fire Retardant Clothing can be dry-cleaned. Pay attention to the care instructions on each garment to find out if they are dry-cleanable. Dry cleaning should be done in a manner that ensures that all the dry cleaning solvent has been removed from the fabric.

*If your fire resistant PPE becomes contaminated with flammable materials, just remove and launder it. However, if it has lost integrity, just get rid of it. You may repair minor tear on your garments using the flame resistant thread, but the best thing to do is to replace the entire garment.

Take no chance when working around open flames or electric arc. Taking care of the Fire Resistant Clothing properly will ensure that it will be able to protect you as it should. Take the necessary steps to ensure it does it’s job properly so you can do yours properly…

For those who do not like reading there is a short video explaining the washing instructions, enjoy.



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